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Simple ways to find happiness

We often think that big happiness is waiting for us somewhere in the future. Sometimes we believe that it is the near future. 'I' ll be happy when I get a new pair of shoes.' Or, I' ll be happy if the person I have a crush on gives me a call.' Or when we go out and have a party .... Sometimes we hope that happiness awaits us at the end of College. So for the long five or six years we pray that one day when we graduate we'll be happy. We hope we'll be happy when our kids get married or when they find a job...
After years and years of waiting, when that day finally arrives and when we finally, let's say- graduate, we are happy for a few days or even months, but very quickly we go back to our square one and this time wait to get a job in order to be happy.
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Latest Summer Styles and Fashion Trends

Summer is coming and with the arrival of hot weather, hot new fashion trends are arriving too. Everything is big and spectacular-big sleeves,ruffles, bold stripes. Think Summer trend 2017- think Big!
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When positive affirmations become negative

Nowadays, everywhere we look we are bombarded with positive affirmations. How often have you read that life is beautiful and amazing? That you are gorgeous and unique and that the day ahead is full of wonderful opportunities?
Everything is just spiffing! You should tell yourself that everything is just perfect! Tell yourself that everyday! And don't forget to mention that you also have a stunningly sexy body!
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How to free yourself of energy vampires

In the last few years I underwent big changes in my life. Not only had I moved to a different country, but I also made major changes and cut down of my social circle. It was not always easy, but it was a necessary thing to do if I wanted to protect myself from negativity and energy vampires. Like everything else in life - this was easier said than done.

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The Museum of Innocence

Jo' s favourite book for this week, (and I would say favourite of all the books I have ever read); is  "The Museum of Innocence" by the Turkish writer and Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk.

It is hard to describe the level of my admiration for this book, and especially the amazing love story between the main characters. Yet this novel is so much more than a love story.

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