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Latest Summer Styles and Fashion Trends

Summer is coming and with the arrival of hot weather, hot new fashion trends are arriving too. Everything is big and spectacular-big sleeves,ruffles, bold stripes. Think Summer trend 2017- think Big!
Everything is over the top. Flower patterns are no longer fragile and decent. We are talking more about Flower Power!Floral decoration on the key summer outfits will make you look twice at them. It is like '80s fashion with a booster twist. The colour of the season is pink in every possible shade, from baby pink, candy pink, fuchsia ets. Just a wonderful way to see fashion through rose tinted glasses! 
The return of slogan T-shirts is here. From the feminist approach of fashion houses Dior and Stella McCartney, to glamorous tee by Victoria Beckham. Tuck them into high waist jeans and put on red lipstick! Make sure you go bold with your statement! You don't want to look like a fashion victim but more like a fashion lover.
Summer trends are all about sequins. Shimmer set a runaway on fire on Paris Fashion Week. I must say that this trend never left my personal closet, and it never will. On the other hand, living by the sea, always inspires me with beach culture, stylish travel and elegant glamour.
When I think summer I actually think- resort ! My favourite resort wear brand since my Dubai days, is the amazing Glam On You brand created by a very talented glam expert Nadine Arton. She was always focusing on the relaxed yet flattering silhouettes and luxurious fabrics with embellishing details. I think it is really hard to find the thin line between feeling relaxed in clothes and looking glamorous at the same time. Yet Glam On You does it all the time. Their aesthetic combines timeless wearability with a cool twist. I love their silk maxi dresses in a range of colour combinations and knit tunics that offer that easygoing -'I wasn't trying too hard' look.
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This season I am going to play with a peek- a- boo effect. The line between my day to day dresses and my party outfits is very blurry anyway, so I guess I will make sense. The huge "see through trend' as seen on London and Paris Fashion Week can be very tricky to wear. Rule number one is - forget tight! It is all about layering it up. Keep it casual and combine it with jeans and a tee.

Don't forget to style it all up with a great pair of kitten heels. It's a big come back for this season. I love the ones designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior.Since last summer when Maria came to the Parisian house, she brought a new, fresh, more flirty and feminine spirit. I loved her designs, while she was still working for Maison Valentino, and although I am not a big fan of logo fashion aesthetics, I must say that she did a great job on redesigning the famous Dior logo. Amazing kitten heels with a Dior logo ribbon on the back of slingback shoes, look so sexy and elegant, but at the same time bold and powerful.If you prefer a more classic style, there is always an option with two-toned slingback shoes by Chanel. Kitten heels are a very comfortable and smart solution for day-night combinations. Although I must admit-kitten heels are not very leg flattering. In some cases, and for petit women especially, it is better to go with high heels or to stay in flat pumps.
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Whatever your own approach for this summer's style is, do not forget the legendary advice of Coco Chanel:- Always make sure that your thoughts match your clothes! Fashion was always my quickest way of boosting my confidence and cheering myself up.Play with fashion. When the heat goes above 30 degrees Celcius, we'll all probably conclude that the "less is more" style really works in this case. Barely any cloth, a touch of a bronzer and mascara and high sun protection. Enjoy summer, enjoy life. Fashion trends will come and go. If you like the current trends, adopt them, and if you don't- avoid them. Anyway, fashion seasons are becoming ever more DIY culture whereby you make your own rules. More and more fashion mainstream magazines and internet influencers, teach us that we can wear whatever, whenever and however we want. Enjoy!!!
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