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About Me

My biography and philosophy
  • Biography

    I was born and raised in Nis, in the south of Serbia, in a very intellectual family. My mother is a University professor and my father is an engineer. In that kind of environment, where school and education always came first, my dreams of being a model were quickly destroyed.
    Nonetheless I managed to make a compromise with my mother and was allowed to model as a hobby. I stepped onto the catwalk for the first time when I was thirteen, and, although I tremendously enjoyed it, I always had to get back on track with my education.



    I always tried to make the best out of my life, even though my life was not easy. From the outside, my life looked very glamourous and amazing, but the reality was something very far from any kind of perfection.

    I graduated as a Master in Geography and Tourism at the University of Natural Sciences in Nis, with highest honors. Back then I planned to find my path in life in this field, as an educator.

    Life, on the other hand, had different plans for me. During my final year of college, I decided to go on a students’ excursion around Europe. What was supposed to an ordinary trip, turned into something quite unusual. I met and fell in love with someone who would soon become my husband and the father of my children. My life had taken a turn in a different direction.

    I always tried to make the best out of life, even though my life had not been easy. From the outside, it looked very glamorous and amazing, but the reality was something very far from any kind of perfection.

    After I graduated from my college, I’ve decided to leave everything behind and follow my heart. You could say it was like a dream- marrying a wonderful man and starting a new life in a beautiful city. But, I was a stranger in this city, without any friends and with limited knowledge of the language spoken there.

    From this perspective, if I look back, I didn’t even have the time to even adapt to the new country, so far away from my homeland and my people’s customs, lifestyle and mentality.  That was not the only challenge I faced- I became a mother immediately, and not to just one kid, I had two! Twins! I had no support, apart from my husband. The usual safety net of family members was not there for me. I was relatively young when I had my kids.  In a way, I was still a child- I had just moved out of my family home for the first time. 

    At that time, I was working as a model during the little free time I had. But, I will never forget the great people I used to work with back then, as well as some really amazing jobs I did for some big names in the fashion industry such as Agent Provocateur, Swarovski, Nina Ricci, Frey Wille Jewellery…

    After my children turned two years old and after our short trip to Dubai, my husband and I fell in love with that city. In 2009, we were already on our way to our new life there. We moved there because of my husband’s work and I never even thought I could continue my modeling career. After all, I was not 16 years old anymore and I was a mother of two. Then again, Fashion decides who gets to be a model and who doesn't. Very quickly, I was in the right place at the right time and modeling became a full- time job for me. We spent four and a half years in Dubai and, although, I experienced both its shiny and the not-so- shiny side, from this perspective I can say that there, I had some of the best moments in my life

    Before Dubai, my kids were too small and I didn’t want to be away from them for longer than a day or two- which didn’t leave me much time to develop my modeling career back in Europe. My husband gave me the freedom to push my modeling career as he spent a lot of time with our children himself. So, suddenly, I had everything- a great career, working for big shots in the fashion industry in the Middle East, the lifestyle we had in Dubai seemed like something out of a movie. Through my job, I met many interesting people, and spent most of my time in beautiful places. Through my husband’s business associates and my networking, we had a very interesting social life, always in the company of socialites and celebrities.


    I want to share my experience with other people and help them to go out of their comfort zone and finally realize their dreams and goals. It is not an easy path, but, it’s definintely worth it.

    I’ve learned and experienced a lot of things in Dubai and, especially, that even billioners have the same emotional issues, just like everybody else. Although money gives you immediate satisfaction, happiness won’t last if you don’t take care of your inner being. You hear it all the time- money cannot buy hapiness. But, when you see it with your own eyes, people with amazing lifestyles feeling sad, you realize the importance of spiritual growth and the balance of your whole being.

    That was when I started practicing life-coaching as a hobby, out of my need to help others to feel better about themselves. I educated myself at seminars and took  many different courses on self-helping methods. I tried to apply that knowledge on those who had it all on the outside, but so little happiness inside. It was good practice for me and I learned a lot about people. I had not realised however, that this was the beginning of my profession as a Life coach .  

    After almost five years, I was sad to hear from my husband that he was planning to move us back to Vienna. He had become fed up with business ethics and all that glitz and glam in Dubai. Vienna was still a great city, just not the one for me. It was hard to find like- minded friends and I was missing Dubai. I needed to be productive and do something-sitting at home all day made me unhappy. After awhile, I became depressed. Not earning money and not being able to make progress in my fields of interest, were devastating to my personal development.

    All the advice that I kept giving to the people in my surroundings, I had to apply to myself this time.  Depression and just sitting at home in front of the TV were no longer an option for me. I put my focus on finding a job and, step by step, I worked in that direction. Although I didn’t get my dream job, I was still very thankful and felt gratitude for being able to have a job at all. That was an important lesson for me, being grateful, even though I knew I could get a much better suited job, a job that would use my talents and abilities.

    We always need to be thankful, no matter how little we have, in order to open ourselves up and attract abundance and prosperity into our lives in every form and way. Although up to now, we already know the Law of Attraction, once we look into our own lives from the outside, we can see how much we understand it.

    The passage of time is very clear to me:- I can see my kids growing up so fast, and how life constantly poses new challenges to us. Life is always changing. I realized that my philosophy was my best tool to keep me and my loved ones happy.

    Once I took my life into my own hands, when I stopped blaming the country, other people, circumstances around me, everything changed in my life. Everything got better.

    It was not an easy path. I had to go very deep in analyzing my beliefs, my thoughts and my behaviors. It is like diving through deep water. Then I crucially realized, that all the techniques I used during my own personal transformation could be useful for helping other people grow. It’s a wonderful process in which I continue my own growth by opening new perspectives for other people.

    I want to share my experience with other people and help them get out of their comfort zone and finally realize their dreams and goals. It is not an easy path, but, it’s definitely worth it.

    Everybody is on a journey, or as I call it “Voyage”, from the time we are born, until the time we depart. My philosophy and my coaching methods are there for people to begin to make conscious choices in their lives and not just stick to their routines of getting up in the morning, going to work, eating and going back to sleep. The most vital thing is to let go all the beliefs that do not benefit us in our lives. They teach us so many things in school, yet nobody tells us that it is our birthright to be happy, positive and prosperous.    

    Very soon after my family and I moved back to Europe, I was introduced to Mrs. Isidora Bjelica, one of the most popular novelists in the Balkans. Very quickly we became close friends. We discovered that although we were from different worlds, we had a lot in common. After spending much time together and talking about life, Isidora and I decided to work together. Various seminars, listening to different speakers and reading many related books, made us realise that something is missing. The answers we were looking for could not be found. That was the catalyst for forming our Dual Therapy method. Somehow, we lost an important connection to our inner being. We live our lives without much thinking, just doing things automatically..


    My philosophy and my aim is to help people feel better about themselves. To help them achieve their goals, increase their confidence and develop their natural ability to be fully satisfied with their lives.


  • Philosophy

    Growing up in Serbia and living internationally in Vienna, Dubai and Limassol, I have dedicated my life to education and helping others. I’ve experimented with different lifestyles:- I was a mom and a housewife, an internationally successful model, and someone working a 9 to 5 job just like everyone else. Nevertheless, I had never forgotten my true dream to help this world become a better place.


    about me

    I want to show to everyone that they can be the best version of themselves. After all, life is what we make out of it and we need to be positive in order to attract more positive things into our life.

    I want to make an impact and inspire women and men to find their way and to be happy. I want to help people feel better about themselves and to be comfortable in their own skin. Most of all, to show them ways and tools for creating the reality they want to live in. I want to show everyone that they can be the best version of themselves. After all, life is what we make it and we need to make conscious choices in our lives.

    My goal is to encourage people to be whoever they want to be, regardless of other people’s opinions.

    From the outside, my life always looked great. I somehow managed to paint it into a perfect picture, making sure that those around me would accept and even admire it. Meanwhile, my life, however shiny, made me feel empty inside. The many struggles of growing up in less than ideal childhood circumstances, living in a homeland where there were wars and bombings and then moving to a different country where I was never fully integrated, all left a mark on my soul. But, now I know that all these life experiences were necessary to guide me toward the power of healing and personal transformation.

    I believe that outer beauty is strongly connected with our inner being. Our body is the temple of our soul and therefore, should be in best possible condition in order for our inner being to develop positively

    My philosophy is that we shouldn’t just concentrate on our soul and forget about our body, or only think about spiritual development and forget the material side of our lives. We live in a dualistic world and my coaching methods are made to correspond to this Law of the Universe.


    Dual Therapy is one of the methods I am using with my clients, along with other methods that involve emotional, energy and spiritual work.